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Rob Carr welcoming everyone

Rob Carr welcoming everyone

As I discussed in “Finding the community” a new addition to Scottish Drupal user group meetings was being organised in Dundee and on Tuesday evening I joined them for their first meeting. With an attendance similar to that of events in Glasgow and Edinburgh the event was successful with interesting and informative presentations and discussions.

Rob Carr kicked off the session with a round-up of the news from Planet Drupal. He touched on DrupalCamp Prague 23rd-27th September, Drupal Global Training Day on 14th June, the Drupal Issue Queue Redesign, Drupal Commerce 2.x Roadmap, Twig in Drupal 8 and running Drupal on Google’s App Engine.

We then tuned into the live feed from DrupalCon Portland to watch and discuss the “State of Drupal” keynote from Dries Buytaert.

Steve Burrows from GFI MAX rounded of the meeting with a short talk on the company and the current Drupal developer opening they have. Some of the group then retired to a local pub to continue discussions in a more relaxed atmosphere.

A repeat is being planned for June and Rob is looking for volunteers for a 15-30 minute presentation and a couple of 5 minute lightning talks. You can reach Rob via his drupal.org contact page.

Thanks to Rob and John Hume for organising. Thanks also to the University of Dundee for providing the venue which was ideal for the meeting.

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